What Should the High Pressure Autoclave Prevent? Why Does It Use Pure Water?

Ⅰ. Why does the high pressure autoclave use the pure water?

At present, almost all high pressure autoclaves require the use of distilled or pure water when working, because distilled water has the characteristics of purity, no impurities, no ions, and no scale. If the high pressure autoclave does not use distilled water, it will cause damage to the machine. If the thin tube is blocked, scale and water spots will be formed on the surface of the mobile phone after drying, and deposited on the surface of the steam sensor and temperature sensor in the high pressure autoclave, causing the sensor to malfunction and affecting the normal use of the high pressure autoclave, so use Pure distilled water is very important. According to international standards, the conductivity of purified water used in autoclaves should not exceed 15us/cm. However, many hospitals currently produce or purchase distilled water by themselves. If the production process is not well controlled, the quality of the water will vary. Another reason is that some autoclaves recycle distilled water, which will cause the water quality to continue to decline for about three years, and the probability of machine failure is high.

Ⅱ. What should the high pressure autoclave prevent?

1. After the high pressure autoclave sterilization requires the items to be dry, check that the indicator meets the sterilization requirements before being out of the pot. When taking sterile items, strictly aseptic operation is required. First, cover the uncapped items and close the vents in the storage tank. At the same time, it should be placed in categories and issued in order.

2. Prevent superheated steam. Although the temperature of superheated steam is high, like air, it cannot condense into water when encountering objects, and cannot release latent heat, so it is not good for sterilization. The way to prevent overheating is to use an external steam sterilizer, do not make the temperature of the sandwich layer higher than the temperature of the inner room, and the two should be similar. Do not let the steam with too high pressure enter the room, and the absorbent articles should not be excessively sterilized before sterilization. Do not use high-pressure steam to heat to the required temperature during drying and sterilization, and then reduce the pressure.

3. Pay attention to safety. Check whether the high pressure autoclave is in good working condition, especially the safety valve, before each sterilization. After decompression is not too fast. You should wait for the pressure gauge to return to position before opening the pot door. If there is a bottled solution in the pot, and the pot is suddenly opened, the glass may burst when it encounters cold air suddenly. It must be noted that if the pot door is suddenly opened too large, a large amount of cold air will enter, which will easily cause the steam around the cloth to condense into water spots. Block the holes of the wrapping cloth to prevent the steam in the wrapping cloth from exhausting, and make the article damp.

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