Precautions for Using an Autoclave

1. About the autoclave

An autoclave refers to a type of reactor that operates under high pressure. According to the process requirements, there are two kinds of autoclaves with agitator and without agitator, the former structure is the same as the stirring equipment. In an autoclave, steam or any other gas is allowed to pass through the compartments located inside, over time and the constant entry of steam, the temperature and pressure in these compartments will increase and then these factors are maintained at these increases For a long enough time at the level of carbon fiber/epoxy resin, a good curing reaction can take place. The autoclave has certain dangers, so you must pay attention to safety when using and operating the autoclave.

2. Matters needing attention when using the autoclave

Environmental requirements: Autoclaves, especially ultra-high pressure autoclaves, generally have certain requirements for the installation environment, such as air ventilation and lighting conditions. When in use, the autoclave should be used in a specific location. Ultra-high pressure autoclaves are not recommended for use in campus buildings.

Personnel requirements: The autoclave operators should receive safety training and education, operate in strict accordance with the design process conditions, wear appropriate personal protective equipment, and be proficient in safety technical operating procedures. Over-temperature and over-pressure operations are strictly prohibited. After the autoclave test is completed, it must wait for its temperature to drop before opening the autoclave. When the autoclave measuring instruments are broken, most of them are broken on the front and rear sides of the glass surface. Therefore, do not stand in these dangerous places during operation.

Safety accessories: Safety accessories such as pressure gauges and thermometers on the kettle body should be used within the scope of use. The thermometer should be accurately inserted into the reaction solution during operation. Pressure gauges should be calibrated frequently. Safety valves and pressure gauges should be checked regularly. Avoid mixing pressure gauges for oxygen with pressure gauges for other gases.

Daily maintenance: keep the interior of the autoclave and the gasket clean. For autoclaves containing flammable, toxic and suffocating media, special measures such as replacement, neutralization, disinfection, and cleaning must be taken after use to ensure safety. Before each use of the autoclave, the equipment status should be checked, and if abnormal conditions such as thread wear are found, the use should be stopped immediately, and the equipment should be repaired or replaced in time.

Other matters: If the maximum working pressure of the autoclave is greater than or equal to 0.1MPa and the volume is greater than or equal to 30L, it should be managed as a special equipment, and registration and regular inspections are required, and the operator should obtain a qualification certificate.

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