The Medical Centrifuge Market Pattern Has Its Own Pattern

1. Market structure of medical centrifuge machines

Medical centrifuge centrifugal separation technology has also undergone several generations of replacement, from medical centrifuges, low-speed refrigerated centrifuges, high-speed centrifuges to high-speed refrigerated centrifuges, ultra-large capacity refrigerated centrifuges, ultra-speed centrifuges, ultra-speed refrigerated centrifuges, intelligent high-speed refrigeration centrifuge.

Along with the extremely rapid development of biomedicine in recent years, medical centrifuges have also achieved considerable development, and have formed a unique market pattern different from low-speed centrifuges. It is expected that the growth momentum will continue in the future.

The examination department of the hospital will use the centrifuge machine. Many patients go to the hospital and the doctor will draw blood, then pack it with a vacuum blood collection tube, and take it to the laboratory for examination. Careful people will find that most doctors will put the vacuum blood collection tube in centrifuge to centrifuge.

2. Recommendations for the selection of medical centrifuge machines:

1) Purpose of separation: Medical centrifuges are mainly used for blood separation.

2) Rotation speed requirement: The high speed of the medical centrifuge machine when separating blood is generally 4000rpm, and the high speed used for DNA determination sample separation is generally above 10000rpm.

3) Capacity requirement: It refers to the capacity of the centrifuge machine tube and the number of centrifuge tubes that can be placed at one time. If the amount of separation at one time is relatively large, it can use an automatic decap centrifuge. In this way it will greatly reduce manual operation time and improve work efficiency. Medical centrifuges are often used to separate samples from vacuum blood collection tubes. There are two standards for vacuum blood collection tubes: 5mL and 7mL.

4) Temperature control requirements: It refers to whether low temperature is required when separating samples. If low temperature is required, a refrigerated centrifuge machine is used. If there is no temperature requirement, it can choose a centrifuge machine without refrigeration (room temperature centrifuge).

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