What Aspects of Tabletop Centrifuge Should Be Paid Attention to in Addition to the Rotor?

I. Tabletop Centrifuge Profile

Tabletop centrifuge is a machine which can accelerate the sedimentation velocity of the particles in liquid and separate substances of different sedimentation coefficient and buoyancy density by the strong centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation. It has been extensively applied in all fields of biomedicine, petrochemistry, agriculture and food hygiene etc.

The differences of centrifuge mainframes lie on the functions, a tabletop centrifuge with a refrigeration function is much more expensive than a general one, some even has an additional function of heating, the more control programs the more pricy the centrifuge can be. The big difference is about the configuration, sometimes the price of the accessories might be higer than that of the mainframe's. When purchasing a centrifuge, you have to note that in addtion of the mianframe, the rotor, indispensable centrifugal tube and pipe sleeve, special centrifugal bottle or blood bag, all these combined is the price for a complete tabletop centrifuge. On top of that, the difference of appearances between a tabletop centrifuge and a usual one is the size. Of course,you can only develop one with smaller size, so that it won't take up too much room .

II. The trend of the tabletop centrifuge

① It will adopt multi-function, automation and microcomputer operation.

② It will adopt AC variable frequency speed regulation to gradually take place of DC speed regulation..

③ It will refine the rotors and develop more types.

④ It will pay attention to safety, environmental protection and the international standard.

III. The matters that the tabletop centrifuge need to note

① The amount of solution the centrifugal tube carries must be suitalbe. Topless stainless tube can only have 2/3, plastic tube can fill to the shoulder of the machine,and the lid must be tightly closed without seeping, The empty tube will distort when centrifugating, and for the use of the organic solution in the plastic tube, it must comply with the regulation.

② The centrifuges must be placed by pairs with strict balance, within a deviation of 0.1g

③ It's not allowed to idle without a rotor, to avoid sliping,You must use a handle to place and draw a rotor, it should be gently placed and set stably, when you want to twist off the handle, hold the handle still and only turn the rotor, the cover of rotor must be closed tightly, it's not allowed to centrifuge without a cover.

④ It's not allowed to open the cover and prostrate on the machine when centrifugating, shut off the machine immediately if there's any abnormal sound and vibration.

⑤ The rotor must be taken out of the rotor chamber in time after using, use a hole wiper to carefully wipe the pipe holes and clean the rotor if the solution seeps.

⑥ You must make an appointment for the use of the centrifuge, and register after using.

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