​High Speed Centrifuge Dynamic Influence Coefficient and Centrifugal Force Field

Centrifuge with its adaptability and fast speed, is active in a variety of laboratories. With the market demand growing, centrifuge manufacturers also derived on its basis, integrating vacuum, high speed and cooling in one, can be used for a large number of cells, subcellular organelles, bacteria and viruses rapid separation of high speed centrifuge, so as to complete a variety of nucleic acids, proteins, cells and nanomaterials separation work, can meet the animal science, food science. It can meet the experimental needs of animal science, food science, life science and other related professional experimenters.

1. A high speed centrifuge impact coefficient method

The advantage of high speed centrifuge dynamic balancing with the influence coefficient method is that the dynamic balancing problem is finally transformed into the solution of a linear system of equations, which is a very simple method and very convenient for computer numerical calculation. As the stiffness of the shaft system of the centrifuge with air bearing is very high and quasi-rigid, through the testing of the vibration response of the shaft system, the vibration response measured by the micrometer on the upper and lower test surfaces of the high speed centrifuge is linearly related to the amount of unbalance on the upper and lower calibration surfaces, and the relationship coefficient between them is the so-called influence coefficient. The influence coefficient method is to measure the vibration response by attaching a definite excitation to the dynamic balancing system, i.e., the additional unevenness measure, and to identify the influence coefficient of the dynamic balancing system according to the relationship between them, and to calculate the original unevenness measure according to the influence coefficient.

2. The centrifugal force field of high speed centrifuge

High speed centrifuge centrifugal technology is established and developed based on the behavior of tiny particles in the centrifugal force field. The centrifuge rotor is able to move in a circle with a steady angular velocity, thus generating a strong centrifugal force field radiating outward, which imparts a centrifugal acceleration to any object in it. It imparts a centrifugal acceleration to any object in it, subjecting it to an outward centrifugal force. The centrifugal force field G generated by a centrifuge can be calculated by the following formula

G = ω2r ω - angular velocity of the rotor r - radius of rotation (the distance between the position of the mass of matter and the center of rotation)

The centrifugal force field of a high speed centrifuge is often expressed by the Relative Centrifugal Force (RCF). The magnitude of the relative centrifugal force is expressed as a multiple equal to the gravitational force (acceleration of gravity, g), i.e.


N - rotor speed rpm/min. g - acceleration of gravity 980.6 cm/s

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