Medical Centrifuges Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Should Not Be Ignored

Hospitals have medical centrifuges as long as they are involved in laboratory testing departments. The hospital needs to test a lot of patients every day, so the workload of the centrifuge is quite large, so for the medical centrifuge motor wear and tear is also very strong.

Considering the frequent use of medical centrifuges, we should pay attention to the regular maintenance and repair work on time. This step is mainly for prevention.

1. Why should a regularly serviced medical centrifuge?

1) To prevent downtime or slow speed failure.

2) To prevent accidents.

When the medical centrifuge does not stop or slow speed failure, first of all, we need to exclude the power supply part failure. Such as power cord break off, plugs, sockets, poor contact, bearing damage or stator, rotor coil short-circuit or broken and burned. The second is due to the brush open circuit, that is, the rotor rectifier and brush do not coincide with each other, poor contact caused by.

2. How to ensure the safety of high-speed centrifuges?

The medical centrifuge in use should to be placed on a stable, solid countertop, its base are equipped with rubber suction feet, with the help of atmospheric pressure and the weight of the instrument itself, close to the countertop can be; large-capacity low-speed centrifuge and high-speed freezing centrifuge to be placed accordingly on solid ground, placed horizontally. Ultracentrifuges weighing hundreds of kilograms should be placed on a very solid ground and have dustproof and moisture-proof equipment to ensure that the centrifuge chamber reaches a certain vacuum level and operates normally. Centrifuge before work, the load should be balanced, the smaller the weight error the better, otherwise it will cause violent vibration, damage to the centrifugal head and shaft.

Also note that the tensile strength and elongation of various centrifuge tubes for medical centrifuges are different and should be selected as needed. Centrifuge tubes can be made of many different materials, such as polyethylene, cellulose, polycarbonate, polypropylene, etc. Care should be taken when using to ensure that samples, solvents and gradient materials do not corrode the centrifuge tube and cap assembly. Centrifuge tubes that are outdated, aged, cracked or corroded should not be used or used at reduced speeds. Control the number of times plastic centrifuge tubes are used and pay attention to the specifications. Do not open the centrifuge chamber cover during the centrifugation process, and do not hit the rotating head and tubes with your hands or foreign objects.

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