Sterilization Operation Requirements of Autoclave Digital for Different Sterilized Items

Ⅰ. Learning about autoclave digital

Autoclave digital is a high pressure vessel that uses higher than the normal pressure to raise the boiling point of water to the high temperature above 100℃ for liquid or appliance sterilization. Sterilizer series products is a equipment which using pressure saturated steam to sterilize and disinfect equipment rapidly and reliably. Autoclave digital is suitable for medical and health services, scientific research, agriculture and other units. Besides, autoclave digital is the ideal equipment to disinfect and sterilize the medical instruments, dressings, glassware, solution culture medium and so on.

Ⅱ. Autoclave digital operation requirements for different sterilized items

Put the sterilized items into the chamber and place them in order. Pay attention to the height of the items placement should be lower than the chamber to avoid blocking the top exhaust valve and causing danger. The sterilization methods and time of different vessels are different. Please pay special attention to the sterilization of dressings. Dressings are installed in the stainless steel vessels, most of the users forget to open the ventilation hole of dressing box, so that the sterilization cannot reach the color of the test strip every time, resulting in sterilization failure. The sterilization of some instruments is tied with cloth belt to sterilize, do not open the cloth belt of packaging after sterilization, otherwise it will be contaminated again.

When sterilizing liquid and culture medium, be noticed that when sterilization is completed, the autoclave digital must be exhausted and cooled naturally, it is not allowed to let air out quickly and cool rapidly, avoid causing the glass container to burst due to sudden temperature change, thus threatening the safety of the experimenter and causing autoclave digital pollution.

Cover the sterilized articles with a layer of cloth so that you do not have to worry about the sterilization effect of sterilized articles due to humidity, try to let the autoclave digital cool naturally, do not open the safety valve and exhaust valve on upward side, so as not to cause the danger of injury from high pressure gases. It is recommended to open the safety valve and exhaust valve above the autoclave digital once a month to avoid the danger of rust until completely rust.

Tighten the door cover and screw the manual exhaust valve under the autoclave digital to the appropriate position of exhaust so as to maintain the uniform temperature of the gas in the chamber. The interlock switch is closed and the interlock light is on at this moment, the instrument starts to work. The temperature begins to rise when the autoclave digital works, every provided autoclave digital has the function of under-pressure buzzer when it leaves the factory, the autoclave digital will ring until the pressure light is on and the buzzer stops.

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