Vertical Autoclave

The vertical steam sterilizer is a rapid and reliable equipment for disinfection and sterilization of articles by using pressure saturated steam. The vertical steam sterilizer is suitable for medical and health undertakings, scientific research, agriculture, etc. It can also be used as food steaming equipment in plateau areas, high-quality drinking water produced by enterprises and institutions, as well as high-temperature steam source equipment.

Types of Vertical Autoclave

Characteristics of Vertical Autoclave

  • Full SUS 304 stainless steel structure

  • Accurate dual scale indicate pressure gauge

  • Silicone seal ensuring no steam leakage

  • Water shortage and over heating protection.

Vertical Autoclave Uses

  • Open the lid

  • Turn on the power

  • Add into water

  • Put the items into the autoclave

  • Seal and steam

Characteristics of Zonkia Vertical Autoclave

The shell, cylinder, and basket of vertical pressure steam sterilizer are all made of Full SUS 304 stainless steel structure, which is resistant to acid, alkali, and corrosion.

With an accurate dual scale indicate pressure gauge, you can easily monitor the pressure and make adjustments to make sure safe operation.

A silicone seal of high heat resistance and low toxicity is used to ensure no steam leakage, making an ideal sealant environment.

Inside the machine, the low water level alarm, automatic control of water cut, limit over-temperature protection devices are equipped in case of water shortage and overheating.

Difference between Vertical and Horizontal Autoclave Machine

In addition to size, the difference between vertical and horizontal types is also in the shape and door opening direction. Since the height of the 30L-100L vertical steam sterilizer is mostly about 700mm, the door opening direction is upward, which is convenient for operation. The horizontal cube steam sterilizer is designed to be more beautiful and easy-placed. However, the volume of the horizontal steam sterilizer is relatively large. If the height of the design is too high, it will be inconvenient to open the lid. Since the same surface area sphere has a larger volume, horizontal steam sterilizers are generally larger than 100L.

How to Operate a Vertical Steam Autoclave Sterilizer?

Typically, there are six procedures of the operation.

  • Stacking the objects

  • Adding water into the autoclave

  • Sealing the machine

  • Heating process

  • Sterilization process

  • Cooling part

Each step has Corresponding precautions, to learn more details, please watch the video. When it is sterilizing, the temperature of the vertical steam sterilizer body is very high, make sure not to touch it.

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