Learn About the Autoclave and Its Development Trend

The autoclave is a typical innovation of magnetic transmission equipment applied to large-scale reaction equipment. It fundamentally solves the problem of shaft seal leakage that cannot be overcome by...

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Autoclave Machine Used in Hospital

1. The autoclave machine is used in hospitalsMost consumables found and used in the emergency room, delivery room, and especially in the operating room need to be sterile. The sterile environment begi...

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Precautions for Using the Autoclave Machine

Ⅰ. Learn about the autoclave machineThe autoclave is a kind of equipment that uses high pressure and steam for sterilization and disinfection. It is widely used in medical, scientific research, cater...

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Common Failures and Maintenance of Laboratory Sterilizers

Ⅰ. Functions of laboratory sterilizersAutoclave steam sterilizer is a device that uses saturated pressure steam to quickly and reliably disinfect and sterilize items. It is suitable for medical, scie...

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Analysis on the Importance of Temperature Compensation and Rotor of High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

1. High speed refrigerated centrifuge in the development stage is designed to temperature compensation modeIn its development stage, high speed refrigerated centrifuge made a strict measurement for th...

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​High Speed Centrifuge Dynamic Influence Coefficient and Centrifugal Force Field

Centrifuge with its adaptability and fast speed, is active in a variety of laboratories. With the market demand growing, centrifuge manufacturers also derived on its basis, integrating vacuum, high sp...

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Medical Centrifuges Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Should Not Be Ignored

Hospitals have medical centrifuges as long as they are involved in laboratory testing departments. The hospital needs to test a lot of patients every day, so the workload of the centrifuge is quite la...

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Blood Separation and Purification by Low speed Centrifuge

1. Low speed centrifuge in the pharmaceutical industryLow speed centrifuge speed is less than 10,000 rpm, the common application industries are textiles, chemicals, environmental protection, etc.But i...

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What Should I Do if the Refrigerated Centrifuge Does Not Refrigerate?

Problem 1: The temperature in the refrigerated centrifuge machine cavity is too high, causing fluorine leakage in the refrigeration system, that is, the compressor does not refrigerate because there i...

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The Medical Centrifuge Market Pattern Has Its Own Pattern

1. Market structure of medical centrifuge machinesMedical centrifuge centrifugal separation technology has also undergone several generations of replacement, from medical centrifuges, low-speed refrig...

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Basic Selection Method of Centrifuge Machine for Laboratory

I. Centrifuge machine for laboratoryCentrifuge machines for laboratory are devices which can sepearate substances of different density and particle size in suspension and emulsion by the centrifugal f...

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What Aspects of Tabletop Centrifuge Should Be Paid Attention to in Addition to the Rotor?

I. Tabletop Centrifuge ProfileTabletop centrifuge is a machine which can accelerate the sedimentation velocity of the particles in liquid and separate substances of different sedimentation coefficient...

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The Simple Operation Process of High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Ⅰ. Operation process of high-speed refrigerated centrifuge1. Power on the instrument and turn on the power switch of the instrument;2. Open the centrifuge lid and install the rotor of refrigerated ce...

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The Main Use of High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

1. High-speed refrigerated centrifuge structureThe centrifuge is composed of a shell, a centrifuge chamber, a rotor, a refrigeration device, and a control circuit.The speed of the high-speed refrigera...

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Precautions for the Use of Autoclave Digital

1. Some plastic materials cannot be autoclaved, please confirm before operation. The lid of the container should be loosened during sterilization to prevent the pressure in the bottle from increasing....

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Buy Suitable Refrigerated Centrifuge According to Your Own Needs

1. The refrigerated centrifuge is suitable for high-speed operationGenerally, when the centrifuge is at high speed and under user requirements, the refrigeration temperature control system will be use...

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Centrifuge Safety Should Be Considered from Many Aspects

The safety of centrifuge should be considered from many aspectsSeperation achieved by centrifuge can obtain products with low moisture content and high purity than any other mechanical separation meth...

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Safety Design of Low Speed Centrifuge

The low-speed centrifuge is directly driven by a motor, and a special shock absorber is used to reduce vibration, and the rotor is made of high-strength material and precision casting, which is conven...

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How to Properly Maintain a Centrifuge Machine

1. Introduction to centrifugeCentrifuge is an instrument that separates samples and is widely used in biomedicine, petrochemical, agriculture, food hygiene, etc. Since the advent of the centrifuge, it...

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Classification and Principles of Centrifuge Machine

1. Working principle of centrifuge machineSeparate the liquid and solid particles or one kind of liquid and the other kind of liquid in the sample mixture by centrifugal force, according to the sedime...

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Nine Maintenance Methods for Refrigerated Centrifuges to Help You Extend the Life of the Instrument

Ⅰ. Refrigerated centrifugeGenerally, the speed of the centrifuge with refrigeration is not too high, and the lowest temperature that can be reached is about -10 to -20 degrees. The centrifuge machine...

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The Difference between High Speed Centrifuge and Low Speed Centrifuge

1. The difference between the high speed centrifuge and low speed centrifugeThe main difference between the high speed centrifuge and low speed centrifuge is that the speed is different. The speed of ...

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Several Methods of the Centrifugation of High Speed Centrifuge

1. Brief introduction of the high speed centrifugeThe high speed centrifuge gets its name because of its high speed, and its performance and structure are actually similar to traditional centrifuge ma...

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The Performance and Power Life of High Speed Centrifuges Can Be Effectively Improved by Strictly Abiding by Operating Rules

Ⅰ. Brief introduction to the high speed centrifugeWith the further improvement of the high speed centrifuge technology, the diversified pattern of high speed centrifuge has become more and more obvio...

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