What Should I Do if the Refrigerated Centrifuge Does Not Refrigerate?

Problem 1: The temperature in the refrigerated centrifuge machine cavity is too high, causing fluorine leakage in the refrigeration system, that is, the compressor does not refrigerate because there is no refrigerant.

Solution: Find the repairer from the manufacturer, weld the copper pipe again, and take time to refill the refrigerant.

Problem 2: The refrigerated centrifuge machine has been used for a long time. It may be that the copper tube or condenser has leaks, and fluorine charging alone will not be effective.

Solution: The repair is difficult. It is necessary to find the leaks for repair, but it will not take too long and usually needs to be replaced.

Problem 3: Frost in the condenser. The main reason is that the refrigerated centrifuge has only one condenser. When the condenser frosts and cannot be melted, the air duct is blocked, and the cooling capacity cannot be discharged, resulting in the centrifuge not cooling.

Solution: Check the defrost system. It may be a problem with the defrost timer, or the heating tube has burned out.

Problem 4: There is a problem with the compressor of the refrigerated centrifuge. If the pressure of the return pipe of the compressor is too low, the compressor will not operate, and the refrigerated centrifuge will not be refrigerated.

Solution: Check whether the power plug of the refrigerated centrifuge is plugged in, or the power supply is lacking.

If the above methods still cannot solve the problem of refrigerating centrifuges, you can contact the centrifuge machine manufacturers to provide you with a professional answer.

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