Features of Platelet Incubator MDC-10/MDC-5

  • Wide temperature range :10℃~32℃ambient temperature can reach 20~24/2~40℃. 

  • Accurate Temperature control technology to make the temperature maintain 20℃~-24/2~40℃and adjustment accuracy 0.1 °C. 

  • The range of fluctuations can be controlled in ±1℃. According to the ring temperature and inner cabinet temperature, intelligent control refrigeration and heating. 

  • 304 stainless steel inner chamber for friendly using and easy cleaning. 

  • Double transparent insulation glass door,filled with inert gas ensure the cooling performance.

Safety of Platelet Incubator MDC-10/MDC-5

  • Build-in back-up battery to display temperature and to operate audible and visual alarm system for up to 72 hours without AC power. 

  • Visual and audible alarm system:High/low temperature, Thermostat failure alarm,Low battery alarm,Power failure alarm,Door ajar alarm. 

  • Power failure protection: turn on delay of the cooling system when power failure,restart delay protection. 

  • Keyboard lock, password protection to avoid set parameter randomly. 

  • Disinfection with UV, can set disinfection time freely, the UV light would off while door open to protect human body

Humanized design of Platelet Incubator MDC-10/MDC-5

  • 4 casters with stopper for easy moving and fixation. 

  • Power switch button on the back, more convenient for operation. 

  • Japan imports oscillating slide for long service life and low sound 

  • Temperature printer can be set according to customer needs, monitoring equipment temperature change at any time 

  • Embedded handle,Easy to open




1 year free spare parts and remote technical support. 


Wide voltage design: 198V~242V available. 

Build-in back-up battery: 72 hours power failure alarm. 

Large digital display for easy of observation 5 visual and audible alarms.

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