Autoclave Machine is an Indispensable Medical Device in Hospitals

Ⅰ. The importance of autoclave machine

When it comes to the autoclave machine, most people may know it. Because the autoclave machine is often used in our lives, including medical and health services, catering industry, agriculture. Autoclave machines are used more in hospitals because everyone knows that many patients enter the hospital every day, and most of them are pathogens. If you are not sick, you are not willing to go to the hospital, right? Therefore, the daily sterilization of medical equipment, working environment, glassware, and surgical knives in the hospital requires an autoclave machine. Now you have learned about the importance of sterilizers, do you know the working principle of the autoclave machine? Why do people choose an autoclave machine?

Ⅱ. The autoclave machine is an indispensable medical device in the hospital

The so-called high pressure is a method that requires the pressure to be higher than that of our daily environment. When the water temperature rises to boil, the utensils or utensils we mentioned above are sterilized. An autoclave machine is a high-pressure container that uses a pressure higher than normal pressure to raise the boiling point of water to a high temperature above 100°C to sterilize liquids or utensils. Autoclave machine has the characteristics of fast sterilization speed, good effect, and strong penetrating ability. It is an indispensable medical device in hospitals.

Since the autoclave machine is one of the most commonly used sterilizers in our daily life if it is said that its sterilization speed is very slow, does it affect our treatment work in our medical treatment? Of course, during the use of types of autoclave machine, we need to pay attention to the operation, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to our subsequent use due to improper operation.

First of all, let's take a hospital as an example. Before items are sterilized, preliminary disinfection should be done. For example, clothing and bedding used by patients and equipment used in surgery should be disinfected with some chemical disinfectants. For example, 84 disinfectant is a chemical disinfectant that is often used in hospitals. It is first cleaned and then sterilized. Secondly, we need to make a reasonable calculation for the sterilization time. The time here cannot be too long or too short. We can make a reference based on the pressure and temperature in the device. Of course, when we choose an autoclave machine, we should choose a manufacturer with guaranteed quality.

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