The Performance and Power Life of High Speed Centrifuges Can Be Effectively Improved by Strictly Abiding by Operating Rules

Ⅰ. Brief introduction to the high speed centrifuge

With the further improvement of the high speed centrifuge technology, the diversified pattern of high speed centrifuge has become more and more obvious. The high speed centrifuge is also one of the indispensable equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. As a very common equipment in the modern centrifugal field, the high speed centrifuge is a product of choice for molecular biology, cell culture separation, and clinical medicine. New standards have been established for the adaptability and processing capacity of centrifuge machines.

The high speed centrifuge has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, automatic control of working time, simple operation and convenient use. The high speed cooling centrifuge mainly extracts the required components from the liquid mixture. According to the density of each substance, after adjusting and rotating, the denser liquid sinks on the bottom layer, and the less dense liquid floats on the top layer. By layering the liquid, the desired purity will be extracted.

Ⅱ. To maintain good performance of high speed centrifuge, we must start from multiple angles:

First, pay attention to the manual of the high speed centrifuge before use, you must follow the recommended use methods, and ensure that the correct ratio of water to air is supplied to the machine, and the proportioning work must be done. The lubricating oil used must be an approved brand oil and must be checked on a regular basis.

Secondly, we must do a good job of monitoring the centrifuge machine, and continuously monitor the vibration process of the equipment and the temperature of the bearing. Check the equipment frequently to see if there are leaks and any abnormal noises, and deal with them immediately if they are found. The operating area must be kept clean at all times. Remember not to put the parts directly on the ground. In normal times, you must start to develop a good habit of operation, which will avoid the mistakes of improper operation.

Third, it is necessary to use the accessories provided by the original equipment manufacturer for service and maintenance. The accessories should be stored in a clean, safe and dry place. It is necessary to strictly use genuine accessories to achieve the promised performance and reliability, and to ensure the service life of the equipment.

Then, you must pay attention to the principle of operation in the use of the equipment. To use it safely, you must start with daily maintenance and correct operation. The matters needing attention in the use of the high speed centrifuge must be adhered to, so that the machine can be improved in the work efficiency. Especially if the high speed centrifuge is correctly used according to its characteristics, we can maintain its good running ability.

Ⅲ. How to deal with the power supply problem of the high speed centrifuge?

1). The power failure is one of the reasons that makes the refrigerator cannot start and the cooling effect is poor. It is the same as the failure of the motor which is not rotating. The power supply and the fuse should be checked separately.

2). If the voltage is too low, the failure of the safety device can also make the refrigerator unable to start. The voltage is too low, which may be caused by the low voltage of the power grid, too much wiring on the distribution board, and too long power cords. When the capacity of the power cord is not enough, not only will the voltage be reduced, it may also cause accidents.

3). Interosculation is not good. For example, if the high speed centrifuge is installed in direct sunlight or poorly ventilated places, the effect of the radiator is poor, or the radiator is covered with dust, which will also affect the cooling effect.

4). In addition, if the weight of the centrifuge tube is unbalanced, placed asymmetrically, or there are foreign objects in the centrifuge rotor hole, it may affect the effect of the high speed centrifuge.

5). However, most of the above reasons are caused by incorrect operation. As long as the normal operation is correct, the abnormal phenomenon may be eliminated. The important point is that if there is any abnormality when the high speed centrifuge is working, it must be shut down immediately and cannot be forced to operate, otherwise the centrifuge machine may be damaged.

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