Autoclave is suitable for medical and health services, scientific research, agricultural and other units, including medical equipment, dressings, glassware, solution culture medium for sterilization. Zonkia Autoclave is made with full SUS 304 stainless steel, with PID Microcomputer Control heating, air release, temperature, time, and steam release. 

Different Types of Autoclave Equipment

Portable Autoclave
Portable Autoclave

Full SUS 304 stainless steel structure; Accurate dual scale indicate pressure gauge; Double safety valve in the lid; Easy to operation, safety and reliable.

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Vertical Autoclave
Vertical Autoclave

Full SUS 304 stainless steel structure; Accurate dual scale indicate pressure gauge; Silicone seal ensuring no steam leakage; Water shortage and over heating protection.

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WX Horizontal Autoclave
WX Horizontal Autoclave

Full SUS 304 stainless steel structure; Automatic quickly open the door, safety interlock system; LCD dynamic display temperature and time; Error analysis, fault warning display system; Automatic overpressure release and power-off protection, safety ensuring at all time.

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Tabletop Autoclave Class B
Tabletop Autoclave Class B

High quality SUS304 stainless steel material; Microcomputer control system; LCD dynamic touch screen display temperature and time; Automatic release when over-pressure, water shortage and over heating protection.

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Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Machine Safety Guidelines

Here are some autoclave tips about the usage of automatic autoclave sterilizer:

First, Sterilized items should be placed reasonably. Improper placement Second, pay attention to the capacity of autoclaves, whether it is autoclave 200 L or autoclave 300L The contents of the stainless autoclave should not be overcrowded, which will affect the sterilization effect of high-pressure steam sterilizer autoclave.

Second, the most important thing is to exhaust the air in the high-temperature autoclave. If there is air in the hphv autoclave, the sterilization effect will be greatly reduced.

Third, check whether the liquid level of the water tank is between the baseline and the top line, if it is lower than the baseline, make it up, and pour out the part if it is higher than the top line.

Autoclave Sterilization Machine Quality Parameters

The hphv steam sterilizer system must include the main engine, supporting water inlet device, and installation.

The autoclave machine size must be greater than 18L.

The sterilization temperature must be higher than 133 degrees Celsius, and the sterilization time must be longer than or equal to one hour.

The autoclave sterilization process must be fully automated, with a safe opening temperature and pressure auto-induction interlocking device, over-temperature protection.

The steam sterilizer autoclave should equip with a one-button automatic door opening structure, with dual protection of mechanical self-locking and electronic interlocking.

FAQs of Autoclave Apparatus

What is autoclave?

Autoclave, also known as a steam sterilizer, can be divided into the portable autoclave and vertical autoclave. It uses an electric wire to heat water to produce steam and maintain a certain pressure.

Here in Zonkia, we can offer various types of autoclaves, including portable autoclave machine, vertical autoclave machine, horizontal steam sterilizer, table top autoclave steam sterilizer, etc.

How to use autoclave?

  • Add water into the outer pan, place the items that need to be sterilized in the inner pot, cover the pot and twist the spiral symmetrically.

  • Heat the autoclave to produce steam.

  • According to the characteristics of the sterilized items, maintain the required pressure for a certain period of time.

How many choices of the capacity of autoclave?

We have 18L/24L/30L autoclave for your choice.


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