The Difference Between Fridge for Medical Store and Ordinary Household Refrigerators

Ⅰ. What is the difference between a fridge for medical store and an ordinary household refrigerator?

Strictly speaking, refrigerators are divided into three categories: household refrigerators, commercial refrigerators, and fridge for medical store. And fridge for medical stores are divided into medical drug refrigerators, medical blood refrigerators, medical freezers and so on. Because different refrigerators have different design standards, their prices vary widely. Under normal circumstances, the price of a fridge for medical store is 4 times to 15 times that of a normal refrigerator, and the price also varies greatly depending on the purpose of the drugstore refrigerator.

Depending on the purpose of the fridge for medical store, its design standards will also vary. For example, the temperature in the blood refrigerator is required to be 2-6°C, while that of the medicine refrigerator is 2-8°C, and the fridge for medical store has requirements for the temperature fluctuation and uniformity in the refrigerator.

Anyone who has used a home refrigerator knows that if there are too many things in the refrigerator, the refrigerator cannot keep freezing or freezing effect all the time. However, the blood refrigerator has this requirement. At an ambient temperature of 16°C to 32°C, no matter how many blood bags are stored in it, the temperature difference in the box should not be greater than 2°C within 60 seconds of opening the door. But ordinary household refrigerators and commercial refrigerators do not have this requirement.

Fridge for medical stores are one of the most commonly used equipment in medical institutions. The choice of refrigerators is directly related to the safety and effectiveness of clinical tests and clinical blood. If you use household and commercial refrigerators for storage, those medical samples, reagents, and blood have great hidden dangers. Moreover, hospitals will also choose medical drug refrigerators, medical blood refrigerators, and medical freezers according to different purposes, which means that ordinary household and commercial refrigerators cannot replace fridge for medical store at all. This is the biggest difference between the two.

Ⅱ. What are the applications of fridge for medical store?

The fridge for medical store is a professional refrigeration for special medicines such as medicines, vaccines, enzymes, hormones, stem cells, platelets, semen, transplanted skin and animal tissue samples, extracted RNA, gene banks and some important biological and chemical reagents. What are the uses of a fridge for medical store? The fridge for medical store can achieve the refrigerated and frozen storage and transportation functions of low-temperature drugs, biological agents, testing reagents, vaccines, blood, vaccines, enzyme reactants, beneficial microorganisms, water sample sampling and food.

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