Analysis on the Importance of Temperature Compensation and Rotor of High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

1. High speed refrigerated centrifuge in the development stage is designed to temperature compensation mode

In its development stage, high speed refrigerated centrifuge made a strict measurement for the different conditions of the centrifuge chamber inside and the temperature difference between the inside of the centrifugal chanmber and the sample, and design a special temperature compensation model according to the test results, together with the sensor built in the centrifuge's central software system.

The centrifugation method, centrifugation medium and density gradient affect the separation effect of the centrifuge, while in addition, the temperature & PH of the centrifugation medium, centrifugation speed & force, and centrifugation time are also crucial for the centrifugation effect. For biological samples, in order to prevent coagulation, denaturation and deactivation of the material to be separated, in addition to attention in the selection of centrifugation media, centrifugation conditions such as temperature and pH of the media solution must be controlled.

Due to the high speed or high speed centrifugation, the rotor will heat up at high speed, which will cause the temperature to rise and lead to sample loss. Therefore, a refrigeration system must be used to stabilize the temperature within a certain range.

The high speed refrigerated centrifuge has powerful refrigeration systems and temperature compensation to provide accuracy and reliable, high-quality results.

2. The centrifuge rotor is also an important influencing factor

The rotor is an important part of the centrifuge, and the types of rotors include angular rotor, horizontal rotor and continuous flow rotor.

Centrifuge in the design and manufacture of the rotor processing errors brought about by the imbalance, has been made to remedy the dynamic balance test, but all centrifuges have their allowable loading sample imbalance. At this larger value, the centrifuge can run, but the unbalance force generated at this time to n times per minute frequency of violent impact on the bearings and bracket, the centrifuge is subject to damage. Therefore, users of those expensive centrifuges try to find a good balance after centrifugation which can extend the service life of the centrifuge.

Angle rotor centrifugal has small radius and high speed, and its capacity is small compared to the horizontal rotor, suitable for the separation and extraction of fine particles; horizontal rotor is suitable for the separation and extraction of large particles, relative to the angle rotor speed is low, but the capacity is relatively large; continuous flow rotor can achieve quantification and continuous production, but not suitable when the solid content is large, because loading and unloading continuous flow rotor and taking sediment is more troublesome, takes longer, requires experienced operators. It also requires a certain arm strength, and is not recommended if the solids content exceeds 10%.

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