The Main Use of High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

1. High-speed refrigerated centrifuge structure

The centrifuge is composed of a shell, a centrifuge chamber, a rotor, a refrigeration device, and a control circuit.

The speed of the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge can reach 10000rpm-30000rpm. In addition to the performance and structure of a refrigerated centrifuge, the angle rotor used in the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is mostly made of titanium alloy or aluminum alloy. Centrifuge tube is made of polyethylene hard plastic.

2. The main purpose of high-speed refrigerated centrifuge

The purpose of the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is cell precipitation, cell density gradient centrifugation, cell flotation purification; subcellular structure precipitation and density gradient centrifugation, differential purification, etc., alcohol precipitation, ammonium sulfate precipitation, phenol precipitation of biological macromolecules; sucrose or glycerol gradient centrifugation;

The high-speed refrigerated centrifuge can be used for the pre-treatment of the ultra-fast purification of biological macromolecules; and it also uses the kit to separate and purify proteins, DNA, RNA, plasmids and the above components for small-volume extraction; virus precipitation, virus PEG precipitation, virus density gradient centrifugation;

Small capacity involves larger capacity fermentation products, cell culture, bacteria and yeast collection, concentration, and lysate collection and purification. It also contains collection and concentration of whole virus, split virus protein, expressing cells and bacteria in the production process of vaccine.

In addition, the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge can also be used for biological products, chemical polymer products, nanomaterials, and pre-treatment for pharmaceutical purification. It also can be used in centrifugal separation of tissue culture broth; concentration and medium purity separation and purification of animal and plant homogenate, differential centrifugal purification of precipitation, and many other uses.

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