The Advantages and Characteristics of Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

The autoclave steam sterilizer increases the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the sterilization chamber. The difference is that vacuuming creates a "negative pressure" lower than atmospheric pressure in the sterilization chamber, and the air is drawn out. The Shanghai Sanshen autoclave steam sterilizer produced by our company discharges air when a "positive pressure" higher than atmospheric pressure is generated in the sterilization chamber. Because of this, autoclave steam sterilizers can truly be called "fast" and "high-efficiency" sterilizers.

1. The advantages of autoclave steam sterilizer

(1) Fast sterilization speed. The autoclave steam sterilizer completes the sterilization process of metal instruments in the shortest 5 to 6 minutes, improves the turnover rate of the instruments, shortens the time the instruments are exposed to high temperature, prolongs the service life of the instruments, and reduces the maintenance costs of the instruments.

(2) There are many processing equipment. A typical 50-liter autoclave steam sterilizer can sterilize 12 liters of instruments in one hour, based on a 30-minute sterilization cycle.

(3) There is no need to wrap the instrument, and the cassette of the sterilization chamber itself is a good vehicle to prevent re-contamination before use. No need to store extra equipment. Instantly use, safe and reliable.

(4) Small temperature and pressure changes and short heating time. The service life of the equipment can be relatively prolonged.

(5) Real-time monitoring and recording of the sterilization process. The entire process of sterilization can be monitored and recorded in real time through the digital display and on-board printer.

(6) Set the sterilization temperature and time freely. Users can set the sterilization time, sterilization temperature and drying time within a certain range according to their own needs.

2. The characteristics of autoclave steam sterilizer

(1) The autoclave steam sterilizer is equipped with safety self-locking function. The lid cannot be opened when the power is not turned on. If the setting is wrong, it cannot be heated. During the heating and sterilization process, the lid is locked and cannot be opened.

(2) The autoclave steam sterilizer is equipped with a pressure release equipment. If the pressure is too high, it can be released through a safety valve, which is a double insurance.

(3) The steam of the autoclave steam sterilizer is discharged inside to avoid excessively high humidity in the entire environment.

(4) The temperature setting range of the autoclave steam sterilizer is wide, from 60°C to 135°C.

(5) The autoclave steam sterilizer is digitally displayed, controlled by a microcomputer program, and the operation process is displayed with a legend at a glance. At a certain stage of each program, there are audible and visual prompts, so that you can fully grasp the entire process of sterilization.

(6) The autoclave steam sterilizer has multiple preset programs, which can kill cultures, culture media (agar and the like), culture utensils, with characteristics of one-finger input and easy sterilization.

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