How to Reasonably Control the Sterilization Time of the Autoclave Oven

Ⅰ. Learning about autoclave oven

Autoclave oven is a high pressure vessel that uses higher than the normal pressure to raise the boiling point of water to the high temperature above 100℃ for liquid or appliance sterilization. According to the style and size, it can be divided into many types including portable autoclave, vertical pressure steam autoclave, horizontal high pressure steam sterilizer and so on. Portable autoclave is 18L, 24L, 30L. Vertical pressure steam autoclave are from 30L to 200L, each of the same volume is divided into handwheel type, clamshell type, intelligent type, and the intelligent type is divided into standard configuration, steam internal exhaust and vacuum drying type. There are also large horizontal autoclave.

Ⅱ. How can autoclave oven reasonably control sterilization time

Gigh pressure steam sterilizer autoclave has the advantages of fast sterilization, reliable effect, high temperature, strong penetration, etc, but if it is used improperly, then it can also resulting in the failure of sterilization. Below we will introduce its time control for you.

The total time of autoclave oven includes: thermal penetration time, this is the time required from reaching sterilization temperature in the sterilizing cabinet to also reaching sterilization temperature in the center of the sterilized item. The length of time depends on the property of the sterilized items, the size of the package, the placement position and the degree of air clearance in the pressure cooker and the type of sterilizer. Disinfection maintenance time, it is the time required to kill microorganisms, generally it expresses with the time required to kill adipose thermophilus bacillus. It needs 30 minutes at 115 ° C, 12 minutes at 121 ° C and 2 minutes at 132 ° C.  Generally the safety time is half of the maintenance time, the length of it depends on disinfection items. The sterilization of metal equipment with easy heat conduction does not require safe time.

It can be out of the pot when the sterilized articles are dry and the indicator meets the sterilization requirements after sterilization. It requires the strict aseptic operation when taking sterile articles,the lid of the opened items should be covered well first, and then close the storage tank tightly and vent the holes. Items should be stored away from ground, roof and wall to reduce contamination from ground, roof and wall. In the meanwhile, it should be placed in categories and issued for use in sequence. It should stop to provide the items whose expiry date is generally less than seven days in hot and humid season and the one can be extended to ten days in cold and dry season.

Generally speaking, the sterilization time required by autoclave oven will be longer if the sterilization temperature is lower. The sterilization time required by autoclave oven will be shorter if the sterilization temperature is higher. However, the pressure steam sterilization time should be counted from the time reaches the sterilization requirement temperature in the autoclave cabinet until sterilization is completed.

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