Ultra low Temperature Freezers Protect Samples and the Environment

Low-temperature storage ultra low temperature freezers can store extremely temperature-sensitive cell lines and strains, as well as biomolecules such as RNA, and can be one of the most important pieces of equipment in the laboratory. No matter how good the after-sales service is, it is not worth a normal and stable refrigerator. Therefore, when we buy a refrigerator, it is necessary to know its performance. What is the improvement in compressor function, refrigeration technology, and cabinet design that make ultra low temperature freezers more stable, efficient, and energy-saving?

1. Know the ultra low temperature freezer

Low-temperature storage ultra low temperature freezers are also known as ultra-low temperature storage boxes, ultra-low temperature refrigerators. Freezers are suitable for scientific research institutions, ultra-low temperature experiments of special materials, electronics industry, chemical industry, military industry, university experiments, biological engineering, ocean fishing, etc. It can be used to preserve viruses, germs, red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bones, bacteria, biological products, ocean products, low-temperature tests of electronic devices, etc. The ultra-low temperature refrigerator is suitable for ultra-low temperature freezing of biological materials, samples and samples; it can be used for low-temperature testing and cryogenic treatment of special materials, electronic devices and metal parts; it can also be used for freezing and preservation of high-grade seafood such as tuna.

2. Compressor of ultra low temperature freezer

Traditional ultra-low temperature refrigerators rely on the compressor to start and stop at intervals to cool the box. It starts when the temperature rises above the set point, and stops when the temperature falls within the set range. Interval start-stop puts a lot of stress on the compressor, with three on-off cycles per hour, it would stop and restart 24,000 times a year, with a current surge of up to 13amp on each start. In laboratories where the voltage is not stable, and even the power is cut off from time to time, frequent startup makes the compressor more prone to failure. In fact, more than 90% of the failures of refrigerators are compressor failures.

In busy labs, ultra low temperature freezer is not an ornament and will be opened multiple times throughout the day. Every door opening will cause a heat load on the refrigerator. At this time, the refrigerator needs to be warmed up as soon as possible to maintain a stable temperature inside the ultra-low temperature refrigerator box to avoid any potential sample damage. Once the door is opened, the traditional compressor takes a long time to return to temperature. Some data show that the door is opened for 60 seconds, and the traditional refrigerator takes 50 minutes to return to temperature. In order to protect the life of the compressor, the traditional compressor needs a delay before it can be restarted after it stops working. If the door is opened again at this time, causing the temperature to rise, the compressor needs to be restarted after a delay, and the time to return to temperature will be affected. Therefore, it will cause uncertain effects on other samples.

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