How to Properly Maintain a Centrifuge Machine

1. Introduction to centrifuge

Centrifuge is an instrument that separates samples and is widely used in biomedicine, petrochemical, agriculture, food hygiene, etc. Since the advent of the centrifuge, it has undergone changes in low speed, adjustment, and ultra-high speed. Its progress is mainly reflected in the two aspects of centrifugal equipment and centrifugal technology, which complement each other. From the perspective of rotation speed, the tabletop centrifuge basically belongs to the category of low-speed and high-speed centrifuges. The development of general purpose tablecentrifuge has blurred the boundaries of low-speed, high-speed, micro-volume and large-capacity centrifuges. Numerous rotors provide a wide range of applications for researchers, and make it the preferred model for the laboratory.

2. Daily maintenance of the centrifuge

(1) Turn off the power and release the brake of the centrifuge before running it, you can try to rotate the drum by hand to see if it can move.

(2) Check whether the other parts of the centrifuge are loose and abnormal.

(3) Turn on the power and start it clockwise. (Usually it takes about 40-60 seconds from a static state to normal operation)

(4) Usually each centrifuge machine must run empty for about 3 hours after arriving at the factory, if there is on abnormal conditions, it can work.

(5) Place the samples as evenly as possible.

(6) Must be operated by a professional, and do not exceed the rated capacity.

(7) It is strictly forbidden to run the machine at excessive speed, so as not to affect the service life of the centrifuge

(8) After the machine is started, if there is any abnormal conditions, the centrifuge machine must be stopped for inspection

(9) The centrifuge amchine runs at high speed when it is working, so do not touch the drum with your body, for any contingency.

(10) The mesh number of the filter cloth should be determined according to the size of the solid phase particles of the separated material, otherwise, the separation effect will be affected.

(11) The sealing ring must be embedded in the sealing groove of the drum to prevent the material penetration.

(12) In order to ensure the normal operation of the centrifuge machine, the rotating parts should be refueled and maintained every 6 months. Meanwhile, check the lubrication condition of the bearing and whether there is any wear, whether the parts in the brake device are worn out, replace them if the conditions are serious. Whether the bearing cap has oil leakage.

(13) After the centrifuge machine is used, clean it up and keep the it tidy.

(14) Do not use non-corrosive centrifuges for the separation of highly corrosive materials. Operate strictly in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the centrifuge, non-explosion-proof centrifuges should not be used in flammable and explosive situations.

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