Maintenance of Medical Ultra-low Temperature Freezers

With the market popularization of medical ultra-low temperature freezer products, more and more hospitals, schools, outpatient clinics, health service institutions and pharmaceutical factories. The laboratory has begun to use professional medical -20℃, -40℃, -50℃, -80℃ low temperature freezers. Many users have doubts about the maintenance and maintenance of the products. The maintenance of ultra-low temperature freezers can prolong its life and normal use. It is especially important that if the temperature control is not accurate, the preserved objects are usually damaged, which will have a great impact on the experimental results, thus affecting the normal progress of research work.

Medical ultra-low temperature freezers are mainly used for low-temperature experiments and storage of special materials such as scientific research, preservation of medical supplies (plasma), biological products (storage organs, vaccines, soil samples), ocean-going products, electronic components, and chemical materials. It is used more in hospitals, universities, research institutes and industrial storage.

Ⅰ. Maintenance of medical ultra-low temperature freezers

Medical ultra-low temperature freezers have high maintenance costs due to the scarcity of refrigerants, high prices, complex equipment structures, and high maintenance costs. Once the ultra-low temperature freezer is damaged, the reasons are mostly caused by improper use and maintenance. In order to ensure the normal operation of the ultra-low temperature freezer and prevent equipment damage, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

1. Ensure the ambient temperature. The working environment temperature of the ultra-low temperature freezer must be below 30 ℃, and the surrounding ventilation must be good. Excessive temperature or poor ventilation can easily cause damage to the equipment due to overload operation.

2. Clean the cooling filter regularly (once every two months). If the filter is not cleaned for a long time, the dust will block the mesh holes, resulting in poor heat dissipation, resulting in damage to the heat dissipation motor, and then to the compressor. Please refer to the instruction manual for cleaning methods.

3. Regularly clean the freezing on the door seal of the ultra-low temperature freezer. The door is not tightly sealed, and the thermal insulation effect is seriously reduced, resulting in the long-term overload operation of the compressor, which is easy to cause damage.

Ⅱ. The maintenance of medical ultra-low temperature freezer

1. Use a dry cloth to remove a small amount of dust on the inside and outside of the ultra-low temperature freezer and on the accessories. If the refrigerator is too dirty, use a neutral detergent, and then rinse it thoroughly with pure water. But do not flush the inside and upper part of the ultra-low temperature freezer, otherwise it will damage the insulation material and cause malfunction. Compressor and other mechanical parts do not require the use of lubricating oil. Be careful when cleaning the fan at the rear of the compressor.

2. After cleaning, carry out a safety inspection to ensure that the plug of the ultra-low temperature freezer is plugged in, and do not connect falsely.

3. Make sure the plug is not abnormally hot; make sure that the power and distribution wires on the back of the ultra-low temperature freezer are not cracked and nicked.

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