Centrifuge Safety Should Be Considered from Many Aspects

The safety of centrifuge should be considered from many aspects

Seperation achieved by centrifuge can obtain products with low moisture content and high purity than any other mechanical separation method, which also saves manpower and improves efficiency. However, the manufacturing of centrifuge is more complicated and the cost is high. In daily operation, ensuring the stable operation is a prerequisite for improving separation efficiency and safety. It is a systematic project that requires attention to all aspects in daily operations.

1.How to ensure the stable operation of the centrifuge machine in daily use

(1) Strengthen the management and cleaningof the equipment, especially the cleaning of the rotor, only do this, can reduce the accumulation of dirt on the rotor and avoid vibration due to uneven force on the rotor.

(2) Clean the flocculant storage device regularly to reduce sticking on the rotor to ensure that the force of the rotor is even when the rotor is operating, and the centrifuge machine will operate effectively in normal conditions.

(3) Strengthen the training of operators, the operation is a systematic action, every step must be accurate, proper measures should be taken if it is emergency, for instance, adjust the backflow opening in time according to the production needs.

(4) The vibration of the equipment under working conditions should be taken into account when installed initially, use a solid steel structure as the base, and then through the connection with the lines, determine the vibration amplitude of the machine according to the load dynamics.

2. Development trend of centrifuge

(1) Develop towards mass production, MP combination model structure is promising

(2) Standardization of the components and manufacture machines that can change various parameters to expand the scope of application.

(3) Improve the rotor material to adapt to more corrosive materials.

(4) Improve the screen structure and screen material to further increase the solid recovery rate and screen life.

For low-speed centrifuges,increase the critical speed generally as much as possible to make the centrifuge machine run below the critical speed.

This shaft of the centrifuge is very thick and rigid, which is called a rigid shaft. When the speed requirement is very strict, the critical speed should be reduced as much as possible, and the shaft is made thinner and less rigid, which is called a flexible shaft. Modern ultra-speed centrifuges all use flexible shafts.

The critical speed is related to the centrifuge machine and its equipped rotor. One centrifuge machine can be equipped with several types of rotors, so the tolerance of the centrifuge's vibration damping design to various rotors should be considered when designing the centrifuge. The working range of the centrifuge is very wide, from several thousand revolutions per minute to tens of thousands revolutions per minute, and the higher the rotation speed of the centrifuge vibration, the greater the danger.

The centrifuge seems to be easy to use and requires no technology, but the correct use and maintenance are still necessary. Once a failure occurs, the experiment will be delayed, which is a bad bargain. Therefore, pay attention to whether the centrifuge tube is balanced, whether the speed exceeds the setting, and whether the rotor is corroded, etc.

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