Buy Suitable Refrigerated Centrifuge According to Your Own Needs

1. The refrigerated centrifuge is suitable for high-speed operation

Generally, when the centrifuge is at high speed and under user requirements, the refrigeration temperature control system will be used.

When the rotation speed is high, the temperature of the body is difficult to control when the centrifuge is running at high rotation speed. Excessive temperature affects the service life of the internal components of the centrifuge. This is the difference between the refrigerated centrifuge and the ordinary centrifuge. The refrigerated centrifuge has a refrigeration system that can control the temperature and protect the machine components. The ordinary centrifuge does not have a refrigeration system.

In addition, according to user experimental requirements, a low temperature control system must be equipped, such as separating some organic active substances: enzymes, organic volatile substances, etc., which need to be kept at a constant temperature or the temperature or does not exceed plus or minus 10°C to ensure that the experimental conditions meet the needs of experimental design and ensure that the experiment runs smoothly.

2. The difference between low-speed refrigerated centrifuge and high-speed refrigerated centrifuge:

(1) Low-speed refrigerated centrifuge

Rotation speed generally does not exceed 10000rpm, which is most commonly used in laboratories for the primary separation and extraction of large amounts of biological macromolecules, sediments, etc. The rotors are mostly made of aluminum alloy, flat type and angle type. Centrifuge tubes are available in hard glass, polyethylene hard plastic and stainless steel tubes. The centrifuge is equipped with a drive motor, a timer, a regulator (speed indicator) and a refrigeration system (the temperature can be adjusted from -20 to +40°C). Rotors with different capacities and different types of speed can be replaced according to the needs of the centrifuged material.

(2) High-speed refrigerated centrifuge

The speed of high speed refrigerated centrifuge can reach more than 20000rpm. In addition to the performance and structure of a low-speed refrigerated centrifuge, the angle rotors used in the high-speed centrifuge are all made of titanium alloy and aluminum alloy. The centrifuge tube is made of polyethylene hard plastic. This type of centrifuge is mostly used to collect microorganisms, cell debris, cells, large organelles, sulfuric acid precipitates, and immunoprecipitated, etc.

The summary is the speed, which determines the difference in the rotor, so the separated substances are different.

So if you want to buy a refrigerated centrifuge that suits you, you still need to do a lot of homework and understand your needs for separating substances before you can buy a refrigerated centrifuge that suits you.

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