Learn About the Autoclave and Its Development Trend

The autoclave is a typical innovation of magnetic transmission equipment applied to large-scale reaction equipment. It fundamentally solves the problem of shaft seal leakage that cannot be overcome by the previous packing and mechanical sealing, and there is no leakage and pollution. The autoclave is currently the ideal equipment for chemical reactions under high temperature and high pressure, especially for chemical reactions of flammable, explosive, and toxic media, which shows its superiority.

1. Learn about the high pressure autoclave

The core part of the autoclave is a (ring-shaped) strong magnetic coupling, sealing, and stirring device. A plurality of magnetic steel rings are made into two powerful permanent magnets inside and outside; the inner magnetic steel body is sealed in a sealed cylinder made of stainless steel to connect the stirring part. The sealing cylinder and the kettle cover, the kettle body, and the fastening connection form a static sealing cavity, so that the reaction medium is completely in a static sealing state, without any leakage, pollution and personal danger. The speed-regulating motor of the autoclave drives the outer magnetic steel body, and the strong magnetic force passes through the sealed cylinder made of stainless steel without contact, and the strong magnetic force of the inner magnetic steel body enclosed in the sealed cylinder attracts each other and positions itself. On the axial rotation traction, high temperature and high pressure stirring reaction is carried out.

The high pressure autoclave has the characteristics of static sealing, no leakage, no noise, no pollution, stable operation, simple operation, sturdiness and durability, and compact structure. Therefore, under high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, high speed, suspension, and convection, the reaction medium can be completely sealed in a static state, and it can safely react with flammable, explosive, highly toxic, hydrogen and other harsh media.

2. The development trend of the high pressure autoclave

The cumbersome gap manual operation can no longer meet the increasing level of chemical production. Production automation and continuity have become an indispensable new favorite of chemical production. The process control adopted by the autoclave can not only ensure the stability of production, improve product quality, increase profit, but also eliminate environmental pollution. In order to increase output, reduce quality errors between mass production, and reduce product costs, large volume has gradually become an effective way and development trend for chemical production. For autoclave suppliers, in order to make rational use of heat energy, the application of heat pipe technology in chemical production should be improved.

The autoclave strengthens heat preservation measures, improves the heat transfer efficiency, minimizes heat loss, and fully utilizes the waste heat or the heat generated after the reaction. The autoclave will be the future development direction. The autoclave with a single stirrer can no longer meet the requirements of chemical production, and the use of double stirrers or additional pumps for forced circulation has become a future development trend.

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