Blood Separation and Purification by Low speed Centrifuge

1. Low speed centrifuge in the pharmaceutical industry

Low speed centrifuge speed is less than 10,000 rpm, the common application industries are textiles, chemicals, environmental protection, etc.

But in recent years, lowspeed centrifuges are rapidly becoming popular in the pharmaceutical industry. Many pharmaceutical companies, the need to carry out the separation of mother liquor, when the lowspeed centrifuge has become the key.

At the same time, because of the strict norms of the pharmaceutical enterprise industry, pharmaceutical centrifuges basically use the flat closed type, in order to reduce possible pollution or damage or improve hygiene, and material contact part of the use of stainless steel materials or the whole use of stainless steel materials, the whole machine without hygiene dead ends, clean and good, this type of centrifuge has basically spread throughout the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition, there are blood stations, or hospital blood testing department, are using about 3000 rpm lowspeed centrifuge to separate blood.

Many patients go to the hospital doctors will draw blood, and then use the vacuum blood collection tubes, to the laboratory to do the test, careful people will find that most doctors will put the vacuum blood collection tubes into the centrifuge for centrifugation, the following is the process of the hospital laboratory use of centrifuges.

First, after the doctor gets the blood collection tube with blood, it will be put on the vacuum blood collection tube rack, and when a certain amount will be put into the centrifuge for centrifugation. Must be even number, because a test tube is not centrifuged, centrifuge in the process of centrifugation need to balance, although some centrifuges are automatically balanced, but it is not possible to say that a test tube can be centrifuged, but relatively in the weight of the difference is not very large to maintain normal operation. Centrifuge in the centrifugal process of throwing force is very large, and if not balanced, it will lead to accidents. Centrifuges have protection devices and they cannot be operated normally  in the case of imbalance.

2. Additional notes on centrifuges

1) The centrifugation of the specimen to separate the serum should choose the centrifuge relative centrifugal force (RCF) of 1000g ~ 1200g, centrifugation time of 5 ~ 10 minutes. Increase the relative centrifugal force or increase the centrifugal time, are prone to hemolysis.

2) The processing of hemolyzed specimens hemolysis can lead to the release of a variety of components within the RBC, causing interference with the determination method, Hb ≥ 0.2g/L, hemolysis is visible to the naked eye.

3) Indirect interference: The release of Hb can cause indirect interference, because Hb has light absorption at wavelengths of 431nm and 555nm, which can lead to false increase if the measured substance is selected for colorimetric analysis at similar wavelengths. Treatment: mild hemolysis, while making serum blank; severe hemolysis, reretain the sample.

4) Direct interference: After hemolysis of blood chemicals with high content in RBC, the concentration of these chemicals in the serum will be increased, so avoid using hemolysed specimens to determine chemical components with high content in RBC. Such as potassium, ALP, AST, Bil, CK, LD, ACP, etc.

Do general biochemical tests to separate the serum, this is a low speed centrifuge with a speed of about 30005000 rpm. It is usually done within 3 minutes.

Separation of serum is usually centrifuged on the day of blood collection, moderate placement can be put for a day. Hemolysis usually occurs because the pressure is too high when playing from the syringe to the centrifuge tube too fast after blood collection, or the speed of centrifugation is too high. If it is more than 8000rpm, hemolysis will appear easily.

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