Autoclave Machine Used in Hospital

1. The autoclave machine is used in hospitals

Most consumables found and used in the emergency room, delivery room, and especially in the operating room need to be sterile. The sterile environment begins with sterile supplies. Sterile supplies ensure that patients will not be infected whether in minor procedures or in major procedures. The main process of autoclave sterilization starts with the use of steam. This steam is then responsible for killing viruses, bacteria, spores and other microorganisms. When these instruments are placed in an autoclave, the heat in the steam is expected to be higher than the boiling point. Compared with the use of an open flame, the autoclave has proven to be an effective method to eliminate bacteria without spending too much time and space.

2. Different sizes of the autoclave machine used in hospitals

The size of the autoclave machine may vary. And the types of autoclave machine are various. Some may be as small as a pressure cooker, while others look like a microwave oven. For smaller surgical equipment, a smaller size autoclave will work because it can still hold enough equipment to sterilize all the equipment at once. On the other hand, the size of the horizontal autoclave is significantly larger than the desktop type. These horizontal models can accommodate larger and more equipment at the same time. If the department needs small but multiple autoclaves, stack some together.

In most hospitals, autoclaves may come in various sizes, depending on the department they are in and their use. In laboratories, desktop sterilizers are usually used. But in operating rooms that require larger surgical supplies, you can find horizontal types, or sometimes stack them together to save space. There is no absolute right or wrong in the choice of autoclave, everything should depend on the needs of the hospital or department.

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