Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Low speed refrigerated centrifuge machine is mainly used for the separation of particles and platelets. With affordable price, many industries are equipped with low speed cold&cooling centrifuge, such as biochemical industry and medical industry, as well as the blood bank. Adaptable to various tube types, low speed refrigerated centrifuge has a microcomputer control with a digital display and an imported refrigeration compressor. Sing flat and angle are two common types of its rotary head, which can be changed according to different centrifuge materials. With temperature ranging from -10 to +40 degree, low speed refrigerated micro-centrifuge is driven by AC frequency conversion motor, quiet and clean running.

Types of Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Characteristics of Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Though different in the specification, low speed tabletop/benchtop refrigerated centrifuge and large capacity refrigerated centrifuge by Zonkia share the following characteristics:

  • Microcomputer control plus digital display, Zonkia low speed refrigerated centrifuge shows the setting and actual parameters simultaneously.

  • Parameters can be modified at any time during the running without stopping the machine.

  • With an advanced automatic control system, steady and smooth running is ensured.

  • The whole process is under safety protection in case of over temperature and over speed. Electronic locking is also adopted for safety's sake.

The ascending and declining curves can be displayed by Zonkia refrigerated centrifuge.

How to Operate a Cooling Centrifuge?

1. Lift the cover and put the centrifuge tube into the rotor.

2. Tighten the screw on the rotor and check the sample is placed symmetrically.

3. Lock the cover, plugin, turn on the power switch.

4. Set the rotor number, time, speed, centrifuge force.

5. When the rotor stops, press the red button, open the cover and take out the centrifugal tube.

6. Turn off the power switch of the low speed cooling centrifuge.

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Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge Uses

Low-speed refrigerated centrifuges are ideal equipment for plate separation and radiation immunological experiments of different densities of particles. Mainly used in biochemical products, scientific and technological research, food safety, medical and health, blood stations, hospital medical science and technology education and production sector molecular biochemical, sanitation and other industries.

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