High Speed Centrifuge

The high speed centrifuge has stable performance, convenient operation, and is mainly used for the separation of human samples before pathological analysis, especially for PCR experimental zone centrifugation. As it is known to us, different substances have different eccentricities. Based on this, the separation of substances by high speed centrifuge is available. Famous for its fast speed, the ultra high speed centrifuge is capable of separating accurately substances with very close density. Larger sample volumes can also be handled by high speed centrifuge, with higher angular velocities (about 30,000 rpm).

Types of High Speed Centrifuge

Characteristics of High Speed Centrifuge

  • Using microcomputer control, the speed, time, and centrifugal force can be selected and set in advance by Zonkia high speed centrifuge.

  • With an electronic lock and alarm system, it is rather safe and reliable, ideal equipment for scientific research, medical and health, teaching, etc.

  • Parameters of Zonkia high speed centrifuge can be modified at any time during the running without stopping the machine.

  • Additional features are embodied in Zonkia high speed micro/mini centrifuge: small size, low price, compact structure, streamlined design and beautiful appearance.

Regulated Parameters of High Speed Centrifuge

Here are some regulated parameters of high speed centrifuge: In terms of the vacuum pressure, an inbuilt vacuum system is required for better supporting; the centrifuge should have the ability to support swing-out rotor, as well as fixed angle rotor; the rotor can be identified by the high speed centrifuge machine, automatically and instantly; the system must conform to CE and other safety standards; appropriate voltage stabilizer should be equipped.

High Speed Centrifuge Application

High-speed centrifuges are conventional laboratory centrifuges, widely used in biological, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other scientific research and education and production departments. It uses the high-speed rotation to produce a strong centrifugal force, thereby separating liquid and solid particles or liquid mixtures in the components. They are suitable for the rapid separation and synthesis of trace samples.

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