The Difference Between High-speed Refrigerated Centrifuge and High-speed Centrifuge

A centrifuge is a special instrument for separating and precipitating a mixed liquid (containing solids) by centrifugal force. The commonly used electric centrifuges in the laboratory include low-speed and high-speed centrifuges, low-speed and high-speed refrigerated centrifuges, and ultra-fast analysis and preparation dual-purpose refrigerated centrifuges.

1. Comparison of high-speed centrifuge and high-speed refrigerated centrifuge

The big difference between a high-speed centrifuge and a high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is that one has a freezing function and the other does not.

High-speed centrifuge is a conventional laboratory centrifuge, which is widely used in scientific research, education and production departments such as biology, chemistry, and medicine. It is suitable for rapid separation and synthesis of trace samples.

High-speed refrigerated centrifuges (also called constant temperature centrifuges) are mostly used for experiments in a constant temperature environment with certain temperature requirements, such as collecting microorganisms, cell debris, cells, large organelles, sulfuric acid precipitates and immunoprecipitates. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of sample visual balance, easy operation, large relative centrifugal force, fast acceleration, and accurate and stable display of speed, temperature and time.

The high-speed refrigerated centrifuge consists of a shell, a centrifugal chamber, a rotor, a freezing device and a control circuit. The function of the freezer is to lower the temperature of the centrifuge chamber. Types can be divided into desktop high-speed refrigerated centrifuges and vertical high-speed refrigerated centrifuges.

Ⅱ. The use of high-speed refrigerated centrifuge points

1. In order to ensure the safety and centrifugation effect of the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge must be placed on a solid and level table, and no objects should be placed on the plastic door. The samples must be placed symmetrically, and ensure that the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is Tighten the nut. 

2. The high-speed refrigerated centrifuge should always check the rotor and the centrifuge tube used for the test for cracks, aging and other phenomena, and if necessary, replace it in time.

3. After the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge test is completed, the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge needs to be wiped clean to prevent corrosion of the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge. 

4. Shut down in strict accordance with the on-off procedure of the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge. 

5. When the length of the motor carbon brush of the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is less than 6mm, it must be replaced in time. 

6. Do not open the lid when the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is not stopped. 

7. The high-speed refrigerated centrifuge must be reliably grounded. 

8. After the experiment, please turn off the power switch behind the high-speed freezer and unplug the power plug.

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