Hypothermia Therapy Apparatus

Medical temperature controller (Patient warming equipment), with the accurate temperature control system, do the function of cooling and warming, which is a method of physically warming up and cooling the patient's body temperature to the desired level to achieve the purpose of treating the disease. Now, it is widely be applied for the sub-hypothermia treatment of brain injury and severe traumatic brain injury before and after Brain surgery, and the hypothermia treatment for tumor patients chemotherapy, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, high-temperature convulsions, hypothermic anesthesia, expansion of orthopedic injury, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. Also, it can be applied for postoperative patient rewarming in clinical practice.

Types of Hypothermia Therapy Apparatus


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FAQs of Patient Hypothermia Thrapy

How does therapeutic hypothermia work?

Hypothermia counteracts neuroexcitation in brain cells by stabilizing calcium and glutamate release, reducing the degree of cell death. It also stabilizes the blood-brain barrier and suppresses the inflammatory process, reducing cerebral edema.

What is hypothermia thrapy?

The hypothermia can be used for all kinds of refractory central fever, severe brain contusion, brain swelling, brain stem injury, etc.


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